With so many different styles of cloth diapers available, it’s hard to know where to start with them. In my opinion, if you are starting with baby cloth diapers, the all in one cloth diaper is an awesome starting point!

What is an all in one cloth diaper?

The All in One Cloth Diaper is just that – all in one! That is what makes this cloth diaper so easy and convenient to use. With cloth diapers, there are usually two parts to them – the cloth insert and the waterproof outer layer. With the all in one diaper, these two are combined, just like a disposable diaper…you just have one piece. With this option, there is no need for a cover, since the cover is already attached to the inner portion. You do not need to stuff these diapers & there is no separate cover.

Usually with the all in one cloth diaper, it’s a one size fits all. Although, they do usually have a newborn option. With the one size fits all, you will have two styles to chose from for how you fasten the diaper on your baby:

  • Snap
  • Hook & Loop

In my opinion, either option works great! The hook & loop is a little more convenient to use and works just like a disposable diaper. However, I think the snap ones will last a little longer (the Velcro on the hook & loop might get weaker over time). I use both though and am happy with either! So you can’t go wrong with either one!

^   Hook & Loop (Velcro) ^

^ Snap ^

Pros and Cons of the All in One Cloth Diaper

Some pros of the all in one:

  1. the all in one cloth diaper is the cloth diaper MOST like a disposable one
  2. they are the most convenient
  3. generally, easier to use than the other kinds
  4. fit the best on your baby’s bottom

Some cons of the all in one:

  1. usually more expensive than the other kinds of cloth diapers
  2. you can only use it once before you need to wash

Different Fabrics

Some of the most common fabrics used in the inner insert in the all in one diapers are:

  1. Polyester
  2. Bamboo (usually a blend of bamboo and cotton) – bamboo is known for being more absorbent though, it wicks the moisture away from the skin
  3. Fleece (a fleece topped microfiber)

In my experience, my favorite are the bamboo ones. I definitely loved the fabric but also how it worked with the all in one diaper. These were less bulky than the other all in ones. But, the fabric was also much softer! Hopefully you can see this in the pictures below. The white diaper is the bamboo one.

*if you look closely, you might be able to see the different fabric between the two (bamboo is the white one)

Caring for the All in One Cloth Diaper – How to Wash

Before you use the all in one cloth diaper for the first time, make sure you wash it! Going forward, when you are washing (dirty) cloth diapers, I suggest following these steps:

  1. remove solids into toilet (I also recommend using a bamboo liner – I will discuss this in another post – but it makes cleanup easier and protects the cloth diaper a little more)
  2. do a cold rinse first – put all of the diapers in the wash with no detergent & run a cold cycle
  3. longest cycle with hot water & soap – using detergent this time, wash in hot water
  4. another cold rinse (no soap)– this step is optional, but helps to get everything out. I usually just do one cold rinse (before the hot cycle)
  5. dry – either lay out to dry or dry on low in the dryer (I dry on low in dryer)

How to use the All in One Cloth Diaper

Again, this is one of the easier cloth diapers to use.

  1. if the insert isn’t already in, snap the pad into the diaper
  2. place the diaper under your baby
  3. fold onto baby like a normal disposable diaper
  4. adjust the size to fit your baby (like I mentioned before, the all in one cloth diaper is usually a one size fits all, so there will be snaps to adjust the diaper to fit your little one)

^this shows one row of snaps (that are snapped) to make the diaper smaller

Where to start?

If you are trying to get into cloth diapering, I would start with the all in one cloth diapers, and in my opinion the ones with the bamboo ones! If you have any questions about the All in One Cloth Diapers – how to use them, brands, fabrics, etc. – feel free to email me! These diapers make my little one’s bottom the happiest & I would love for you to have the same experience! Comment below your experiences with All in One Cloth Diapers! or if you have found a place with good quality AIO to order!

The pictures above are the diapers that I ordered from Nicki’s Diapers…and I love them! The Green Nursery is another awesome place to order from though! Check out my Cloth Diaper Reviews page to see where you can order from!


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