All in two cloth diapers are another popular option. If you are just starting with cloth diapers, the all in two is another good option to start with!

What are All in Two Cloth Diapers?

The all in two cloth diapers are very similar to the all in one except the two components of the all in two cloth diapers are typically sold separately. These two components are the waterproof outer and the inner absorbent insert. Depending on the diaper, the inner insert generally just snaps into the cover & is changed when soiled while the outer cover can be used multiple times.

Pros and Cons of All in Two Cloth Diapers

Some pros of the all in two cloth diapers:

  • fits your baby snug & fits nicely with clothes
  • the cover can be used multiple times before washing (with the all in one cloth diapers you have to wash this after every use)
  • disposable inserts can be used with these, so they are nice for traveling
  • depending on your baby, you can change the insert for absorbency (for nighttime or those that are “heavy wetters”)

Some cons of the all in two cloth diapers:

  • you might need to buy the same brand for both the inserts and covers since other brand inserts might not fit the covers
  • harder to keep the inner insert in the cover if it doesn’t snap in

Different Fabrics

Again, just like the all in one, the all in two cloth diapers have different fabrics available for the inserts. Some common fabrics for the all in two are:

  • microfiber topped with fleece
  • Hemp/Organic cotton
  • bamboo
  • bamboo combined with fleece
  • microfiber

Each of these inserts have their pros, in my opinion your can’t go wrong with any of them. With that being said, each fabric can be used better in certain situations. *this may vary depending on which brand you buy.

  • Microfiber topped with fleece – the fleece helps the baby’s bottom feel dry by pulling the wetness away
  • hemp/organic cotton – a trimmer option among the inserts
  • bamboo – another trim option and very absorbent, bamboo is one of the most absorbent! Also, very soft 🙂
  • bamboo combined with fleece – the bamboo is very absorbent and the fleece pulls the wetness away from the baby’s bottom
  • microfiber – microfiber is another absorbent option, a good option for heavy wetters!

Caring for All in Two Cloth Diapers – How to Wash

Depending on the fabric of the insert, the washing instructions before you use them will be different. Some fabrics require more than one wash before use (up to 4-5 washes).

After using, the care/washing instructions are the same for the all in two cloth diapers as the are for the others:

  1. remove solids into toilet (I also recommend using a bamboo liner – I will discuss this in another post – but it makes cleanup easier and protects the cloth diaper a little more)
  2. do a cold rinse first – put all of the diapers in the wash with no detergent & run a cold cycle
  3. longest cycle with hot water & soap – using detergent this time, wash in hot water
  4. another cold rinse (no soap)– this step is optional, but helps to get everything out. I usually just do one cold rinse (before the hot cycle)
  5. dry – either lay out to dry or dry on low in the dryer (I dry on low in dryer)

All in Two Cloth Diapers vs. All in One – Which one to pick?

I think this is all personal preference! Both are good options, both convenient & have their own pros and cons. I would say that you should think about what you are trying to get out of the diaper. If you want one that is super easy to use, just like a disposable one, go with the all in one. You use it, then wash it. The all in two, again is similar, however you can reuse the outer cover but also customize the inner inserts if your baby needs it (getting inserts that are more absorbent, getting disposable inserts for traveling, etc.)

Where can I buy All in Two (AI2) Cloth Diapers?

All in two cloth diapers are a very popular option for cloth diapering, so there a lots available to pick from. They will vary a little bit from brand to brand, but overall will work the same. Personally, I have not used the all in two’s so I can’t speak to the type but I can say that Nicki’s Diapers is my favorite brand for cloth diapers! The Green Nursery is also one that has awesome products! Both awesome to order from since you can earn points and use those points towards another purchase! Amazon, of course, is another place to find them, there is an example below of one on Amazon. Check out my Cloth Diaper Reviews page to see where you can order from but feel free to do your own research! These have just been the best in my experience!


As always, if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask! Email me or leave a comment below! Also, please comment any tips/tricks/advice you have when it comes to cloth diapering or the All in Two!

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