One part of having a baby you can’t get around…DIAPERS! It may seem like a pretty simple topic, but actually there is a lot that goes into taking care of your baby in this way. First, you have diapers. You can pick from disposable (natural or not) or you can go with cloth diapers. There are benefits and drawbacks with both of those.

Then, you also have diapering “accessories”, if you will. You have diaper creams, diaper pails, wipes, diaper bags, portable changing mats, etc. Diapering seems simple, so let’s make it just that.


I will cover a lot of content around diapers. We will look at disposable vs. cloth & the benefits and drawbacks with this. Personally, I love using cloth diapers…for many reasons. So I will go into looking at cloth diapers in detail (the types, all the different kinds and brands, how to use them, how to wash them, etc). You can find my posts on diapers here.


Again, baby wipes seem pretty simple, and they are! The reason I am calling these out as their own topic is because you have the option to make your own. Why would you do that? Doesn’t that seem like way more work? Maybe for some, but I have found many benefits in making my own baby wipes. Find more info on DIY baby wipes here.

Other Diapering “Accessories”

I’ll stick with making diapering simple and group the rest of these baby diapering topics together because really, they aren’t complicated. You want to make sure you have your bases covered though for your little one. So, those other “bases” for baby diapering are:

  • Cream/Ointment
  • Diaper Pails
  • Diaper Bags
  • Portable Changing Mats

I will cover all of these in one post since they are pretty straightforward.

Are there other “baby diapering” topics that you need help with and I didn’t cover? Leave a comment below, lets get talking about it! I’m constantly adding to my site, so it could be that I just haven’t added what you are looking for yet! Comment or email me and I’m happy to help


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