Having a baby is a huge game changer in your life, no matter what number it is. Obviously your first little one is going to rock your world (in all the best ways possible 🙂 ) but so will each one after that! But, if this is your first, you may be overwhelmed with the idea of feeding. Breastfeeding vs. Formula. Which breast pump is the best? Which bottles will work the best? What is my baby doesn’t latch? Can I use a pacifier with my baby? How early can I start using it?

Don’t let these thoughts overwhelm you. Feeding your baby is important, of course but don’t let the unknowns scare you. Lets breakdown baby feeding into everything you need to know. From if you should breastfeed or not to everything you will need for feeding.


You probably hear all the time how awesome breastfeeding is for your little one, and it is! But why? Lets dig into why you should breastfeed your baby. We’ll look at the benefits of breastfeeding, the challenges that come with it & what you should expect. Just know though, that some things don’t go according to plan. You can plan on breastfeeding but your body may not have that same plan. That’s okay!

Breast Pumps

Lets look at the best breast pumps available to you. Whether you are a working mom & need to pump during the day or not, you will want a breast pump. Some moms will exclusively pump & feed their little ones while others will do a combination of nursing and pumping for their baby. Even so, you will probably want a pump (especially during the first few weeks) to help relieve the pressure.

Bottles & Accessories

Bottles will be important because they affect how your little one eats. You want to find a bottle that your little one will take to & that won’t create latching issues. We will look at what to look for in a bottle & some of the best bottles out there. Along with bottles we can look at bottle warmers & sterilizers.

Feeding Accessories

If you plan on nursing your baby, you will want to be careful with what you are introducing to your little one in the beginning stages. Lets look at the best pacifiers & teething tools that will make your feeding life a little easier. We will also look at nursing pillows & covers that will help while you are feeding.

If there is something related to baby feeding that I didn’t cover, comment or email me & I’d love to help you out! Other tips & tricks you have found with feeding your little one…comment them below! Feeding your little one can be a hard road for mommas, I don’t want you to feel like you are traveling this road alone!

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