One challenging part of having a little one is getting around. You only have two hands, which means you can only do so much. Let’s take a look at products that will make taking your little one out and about much easier….and much more enjoyable. We will look at what you will want & the best products out there for it.

Car Seats

Baby car seats is a necessity, this is something you can’t go without. This will also be one of the most important products you will buy for your baby. You want one that will be sure to protect your little one. But, you also want one that isn’t bulky & heavy. Hopefully I can make finding a car seat easier!

Travel Systems

Travel systems for your baby aren’t something you will NEED…but if you want to get out with your baby, they will make your life much easier. Especially if you are a new mom, getting outside will be so helpful in your recovery process. A travel system is both a stroller AND a car seat. So they work together. This is a good option for moms who do want to get out. You don’t need to purchase a car seat separately then. You can use the car seat with the stroller until your baby is old enough to go in the stroller without it.


Again, like I just said above, getting out is so important for moms….and your little ones! Strollers will make your life so much easier in taking your little one out exploring. We can take a look at some of the best and the benefits of each one.


Another great product for taking your little one out and about is baby carriers. I had a few different types of baby carriers and LOVED them. It’s nice to not be pushing a big stroller all the time. And if you are one that likes to go hiking, this is a good option for you. Even just wearing your baby around the house, this is awesome for that. So, lets look at the different types and some of the best. Check out my post about the best baby carriers – from traditional carriers to wraps to hiking carriers.


If there are other “out and about” baby products you would like to hear about, leave a comment below! Ask any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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