Whether you plan on using your crib right away, or having your little one with you in your room for awhile, you will still want a crib at some point. It is a critical part of your nursery. But, looking for and finding one can be overwhelming. Most commonly, you will want to find a baby crib set. That way, the furniture in your nursery will all match! Let’s break down the baby crib sets & look at each component. Then we can look at where to find them.

Baby Crib Sets

Most commonly, there are two “types” of crib sets. One set will contain a crib & changing table. The other will contain a crib, dresser & changing table. Some moms don’t want a dresser in the nursery, so they will just get a changing table and use the closet – totally personal preference!

Some changing tables work as dressers too. Or, I could say that some dressers work as changing tables. So that way, you only have one piece of furniture that serves two purposes. If you have a smaller nursery, this could be a great option for you!

Baby Cribs

Looking for a baby crib may seem pretty straight forward at first. But, once you start you may find how overwhelming it is. Cribs come in a standard size, but they are also available in a “mini” size. The mini size could be a good option if you have a smaller space for your nursery or if you have twins. They also come in different shapes, the standard rectangle shape or an oval shape (although, the oval is much less common).

Let’s look at the standard rectangle crib though. The two common types that this comes in is the classic or the convertible crib. The most common type is the convertible crib since parents usually want the crib to last longer than just the “baby” stage. We can look at both of these though:

Classic Crib:

The classic crib is just that – classic. A rectangle crib that stays a crib. So, your baby will use this probably until about 2 years old (or until you switch them over to a toddler bed). This is a cheaper option compared to the convertible crib however you won’t be able to use it as long. This could be a good option though if you plan on having more kids, you can just move you older kid to a toddler bed and reuse the classic crib for your newest baby.

Convertible Crib:

The more common type of crib is the convertible crib, also called a 4-in-1 crib (although they also have 3-in-1 and 2-in-1). With this, it is designed to grow with your baby. So, it will serve as a crib first, but can then convert to a toddler bed, daybed & full bed. These will be more expensive but will also serve your baby longer, possibly until their teen years or longer. These will be heavier & take up more space than the classic crib too.

But wait, there is another type of crib (of course there is, right?). This one might be a good option for those who don’t have as much space. This is what is known as a multipurpose crib. It is a crib with either a changing table, storage space or dresser attached to it. So it will help save on space a little bit.

Baby Cribs – Accessories

Along with the crib, you will also need other items to go with it. Some necessary, others not. The things that you will need are:

  • crib mattress
  • mattress pad
  • bedding
  • mobile

When looking for a crib mattress, keep a few things in mind:

  • Should be firm. Baby mattresses are more firm than adult, this is for safety and to support their growing bones.
  • Waterproof – if the mattress isn’t waterproof, not a big deal, just get a waterproof mattress pad
  • Non-Toxic – depending on the foam in the mattress, it might contain added chemicals, things you don’t want your baby to breathe!
  • Breathable – for safety purposes

I bought this Graco mattress off of Amazon and loved it! It has a waterproof cover on it (that can be removed and washed) but I also bought a waterproof mattress pad, since that is easier to remove and wash. I would recommend buying a waterproof mattress pad, it will just make your life easier!


For bedding, this is pretty straight forward. All you need is a fitted bed sheet. I do not recommend putting bumpers in your crib, or a baby comforter. For safety reasons, the comforter is just too heavy most of the time and the bumpers may look cute but can potentially be dangerous to your little one. So, I would just stick with your bed sheet. If you want blankets, I really like the muslin ones, soft and breathable!

The bed sheets that I have come to love are the Brooklyn Bamboo sheets. What I really love about them is how soft they are. But, they are also hypoallergenic and breathable. I only wash mine in baby detergent. But really, these are super soft!! Brooklyn Bamboo also offers other products, like the mattress pad!

Brooklyn Bamboo

Baby Changing Table

As I said before, changing tables can also be attached to the crib. This can save on space and be convenient since it is so close to where your baby sleeps. Everything you need for a nighttime change is right there. Another option is to have your changing table and dresser all in one.

Usually with these, you just need to get a changing table pad for the top of the dresser. For me, I only liked this option when the dresser had something that would hold the changing pad in place. Most of these types don’t, the changing pad just sits on top of the dresser. I didn’t like that because I didn’t want the pad to move when my child was on it. However, there are some dressers that have something to hold it on. One thing to think about here though, is that the dresser will always serve that purpose as a changing table too then. So, when you baby doesn’t need a changing table anymore you might want to get a new dresser too. Whereas, if you had a separate changing table, when you don’t need it anymore you can just move it out or get rid of it.

Otherwise, you can look at just getting a typical changing table, that is its own piece of furniture. This is what I did and was really happy with it. I had room in my nursery for a crib, dresser and changing table though, so that is why I went with this. I prefer the changing tables that:

  1. have rails (or something) to hold the changing pad in place
  2. have straps to hold the baby in place (for when they are a little older and more active)
  3. have storage space

I use cloth diapers, so storage space was important for me when finding a changing table. Mine has open shelves with one drawer. I liked this style because I wasn’t constantly opening drawers every time I needed a diaper. I just put cute baskets on the shelves that held my diapers. Then, in the top drawer I put my diaper creams, extra wipes, powder, etc.

Which Crib is Right For Me?

There is no right and wrong answer when picking a crib. It mostly comes down to personal preference. Here are some things to consider when looking though that will hopefully help guide you in this process:

  • How long do you want to use the crib for? Do you want it to serve multiple years?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Theme of your nursery
  • Size of your nursery
  • Do you want both a dresser & a changing table in your nursery?
  • Do you want the dresser to serve as your changing table too?
  • Do you want the furniture to match the nursery?

Where to Find Baby Crib Sets?

You can find cribs and crib sets all over the place! Check out my post on where to register for babies, you can find them anywhere I have listed in that post. You can also find them on Wayfair, they have a lot of cute cribs and crib sets to pick from!

If you have any questions leave a comment below or email me! Feel free to share your experiences/opinions with cribs below!

All the best,


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