Your baby nursery will quickly become one of your favorite rooms in the house. Not just because this room will house your little one but also because of how you decorate it. There is just something about nurseries <3

Let’s talk about baby nursery items. If you are pregnant, this means you are not only looking for how to paint/set up/ design your nursery but also what to fill it with! So, lets cover it!

Baby Nursery Ideas – Nursery Themes


This is where it gets fun. Planning your nursery, painting it, decorating it, and filling it with all things baby!! Let’s talk about ideas for decorating your nursery & the furniture you will want in it.

Baby Nursery Ideas – Cribs & Crib Sets

baby crib

Cribs will be an important part of your nursery. For some parents, the crib won’t come into play until later in your babies life, depending on what you plan on doing. Some parents prefer a bassinet in their room, some proper co-sleeping while others will use the crib right away. Regardless, lets take a look at cribs and everything you will need with them. Read my post on baby crib sets where we look at the different types of cribs & where you can find them.

Baby Nursery Ideas – Bassinets

In my experience, having a bassinet in our room worked really well for the first few week. Then, moved him to his crib. Depending on how you want to do it, there are so many options in terms of portable cribs. Lets look at different sleeping arrangements & products.


Baby Nursery Ideas – Changing Tables


Changing tables are another part of the nursery you will want. There are a couple different routes you can take with changing tables though. You can pick one that is strictly a changing table, or one that is also a dresser. I cover changing tables in my crib sets post. 

Baby Nursery Ideas – Gliders & Rockers

Most mommas quickly find the importance of gliders or rockers. I know I did! Let’s look at some of the best.

If there is any part of your nursery that I haven’t covered, email me or leave a comment! Also, what have you found to be stable items in your nursery?

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  1. Hi there, this is a good summary post of some key things to consider for a baby’s nursery. I’d really love to learn more so I hope that you develop each area in future posts, that would be awesome. I think baby stuff is the cutest so decorating ideas and themes definitely caught my eye.

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