If you need help figuring out what to register for when it comes to your little one, check out my post on baby registry items. Here, lets focus on where you can register.

Where to Register for a Baby Shower

What to register for a baby shower can be overwhelming but so can figuring out where to register. There are so many baby registry websites to consider. When looking at places to register, consider a few things. Many sites will offer a discount for products that were not purchased off of your registry. So, after you have your shower/baby, if you didn’t get some products that were on your registry you can get them at a discount.

Another thing to consider when looking at baby registry websites, is the group gifting option. If you are registering for larger items, this could be something you want to look for. This allows multiple people contributing to purchase the gift.

There are also some sites out there that will combine your registries in one place – a universal registry. This is what I did – really easy and convinent! Then you can be registered at more than one place but have it all in one convinent location. That way, if you are having a baby shower it is really easy for people to go to the one site and pick the registry they want from there.

Here are the places that I registered at & was really happy with them:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • BabyList (this is what I used to combine my registries on one site)

Baby Registry Websites – Oh, the Possibilities

Like I just said previously, I used BabyList to combine my Amazon and Target baby registry websites. However, there are so many other options available to you. Let’s list them out and break them down, hopefully you can find some that will be the right fit for you.

Individual Registry Websites:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • The Ultimate Green Store
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • BabyEarth

Universal Registry Websites:

  • myregistry.com
  • BabyList

Which Baby Registry Websites are Right for me?




Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry


The nice part of creating a registry with Amazon is the large variety of products they have. Amazon is HUGE, so you will most likely be able to find everything you want off of Amazon. Here are some other things to note if you register with Amazon:

  • Ships fast! (if you spend $25 or are a Prime member)
  • Offers a discount for items not purchased off your registry (15% for Prime members, 10% otherwise)
  • 90 day return window – Customer service is awesome with Amazon too, which makes this super easy!!
  • Offers a free welcome box (valued at $35)
  • Allows Group Gifting
  • Most people have an Amazon account – or have at least heard of Amazon!
  • They are a universal registry – so you can add from other websites
  • You can see who the gifts came from



Target Baby Registry


Target is another well-known place to register for babies. The benefit that registering at Target has (compared to other Baby Registry Websites) is that they have physical store locations. So, for those who would rather shop in store, Target is an awesome place to register. Again, here are some other things to note if you register with Target:

  • Offers a free welcome box with products & over $100 in coupons (just pick up at guest services)
  • Group gifting option
  • Offers a 15% discount for those items not purchased (up to 8 weeks prior to your due date)
  • You can return items from your registry up to a year after your due date (if they are unopened)
  • Universal Registry
  • You can customize your registry to see who the gifts came from
  • can return items in store



Click here to create Baby registry on Walmart!


Walmart is another option, very similar to Target, except a little more “affordable”. Again, a benefit with Walmart is that they have physical stores that you can go to. Walmart has more locations than Target, so this could also be a good option for those who want to actually go in store to shop. Some other things to note if you register with Walmart:

  • Wide range of products
  • No discount offered
  • has a price match guarentee
  • Free welcome box
  • free shipping on $35 or over
  • can return items in store

The Ultimate Green Store:

This is an awesome option for all those mommas looking for organic baby products (that are still at a reasonable price). These products are of course, going to be more expensive than your typical Target/Walmart/Amazon products but they are organic, high quality! Some other things to note if you register with The Ulitmate Green Store:

  • Does not have the wide range of products like the other registries but they offer really nice, organic products (so it would be a nice “additional” registry)
  • Have natural & organic products (bedding, clothes, bath, bottles, air purification systems, etc.)
  • Offers special discounts


BabyEarth focuses on eco-friendly baby products. So, not all of their products fall under this, a majority of them do.

Shop babyearth.com for everything for baby's world



Create a Baby Registry at MyRegistry.com! 


How this works at myregistry.com, is you can combine all of your registries in one location – it is a universal registry (for more than just babies). So, if you are registered at Target & Amazon, you can have both of those located on your myregistry. But, you can also add products from other sites/stores. How this works is when you set up your registry, you will be asked to add a “Add to MyRegistry” button to your favorites bar. Then, when you are on a website & you want that product added to your registry, you just click that “Add to MyRegistry” and it will show up on your registry! Easy!! Other things to note if you register with MyRegistry.Com:

  • There is an option to ask for cash (fees involved with this though)
  • All of your registries will be in one location
  • can add from any store in the world, even if it’s not a website
  • you can still add products by shopping in stores (just download the MyRegistry app & scan the bar codes)



Create a BabyList Registry


BabyList is similar to MyRegistry in the fact that you can combine all of your registries in one location. BabyList however, actually does sell some products as well. Other things to note if you are registering with BabyList:

  • Free welcome box
  • Offers a 10% discount (only on products from BabyList, 60 days prior to your baby’s due date)
  • can request favors (for help cooking meals for example)



Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of places you can register at. Most of these places carry a lot of the same products. My advice is to use one of the websites that will combine your registries. That way, you can also add products are not listed at one of your registries.

Where did you register for your baby at? Any tips/tricks/advice you have when registering? Leave a comment below 🙂


All the best,



2 Replies to “Baby Registry Websites – Get Free Baby Items with Your Registry!”

  1. Interesting points Abby! I gotta admit that I didn’t know about lots of these advantages when signing up with some of these stores (welcome box, discount, etc..) My baby is now 12 therefore, I’m done with that. I was reading your site for ideas of registries for my sister in law! I definitely found your site useful! Thank you for the great information! I love the look of your site. I will bookmark if for future reference!
    Nat 🙂

    1. Thanks much, Nat! Sometimes, with the registries you have to search for the “perks”! Hopefully this post makes it easier for others as well!

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