Getting your little one to sleep can be such a challenge, might be one of the hardest parts of motherhood for some! A large part of getting your baby to sleep is what you are putting them to sleep in & where they are sleeping. Other factors, of course, play into how your baby sleeps (such as what they are eating, time of day, etc.) but so does what and where they are sleeping.

Finding the best baby bassinet for your little one can be overwhelming. There are so many different ones out there. You will be amazed at how many are out there once you start looking! The nice part though, there is one at just about any price point you are looking for. So, lets take a look at some sleeping arrangements & the best bassinets to work.

Sleeping Arrangements

baby sleeping arrangements

One aspect of parenthood, or motherhood, that MANY people have different opinions on is around the topic of where your newborn/baby sleeps. Some parents prefer to have their baby in the room with them in a bassinet, others prefer to put their baby in a crib right away. While other, want their baby in bed with them. As I mentioned in my tips in my baby registry post, this is your baby. People will always have their own opinions & give them to you…whether they are welcomed or not. But, this is your baby. YOU get to pick how you raise them…and in this case, you get to pick their sleeping arrangements.

In my experience, I chose to have a bassinet in our room for the first few weeks & then graduated to the crib. It was just nice to have my little one in the room with me where I could hear better until I became familiar with him & his sleeping pattern.

The Best Bassinet – Best of the Best

If you do choose to have your baby in your room with you, you will want a bassinet. Even if you choose to start your baby in their crib right away, you still might want to consider getting a bassinet since some of them are portable, so they are really nice when traveling. While my baby was in our room with us for awhile, we still traveled with our bassinet. What is nice about this, is that our baby was used to sleeping in it. So, even though we were in a different location (different room), he was still sleeping in something he was used to.

The “best of the best” bassinet would probably be the SNOO. I’ll warn you though, you get what you pay for. This is probably one of the most expensive bassinets out there. My baby was an awesome sleeper, so in my opinion I wouldn’t need this. But, for those moms who are really struggling to get their little one to sleep…you might want to consider this. I know how frustrating and exhausting it is if you just can’t get your baby to sleep.

If you don’t want to buy it (since it is expensive), you can rent it. What is so special about this bassinet? Well, let’s look. This is a smart bassinet. This means that it is more than just a place for your baby to sleep. This bassinet helps sleep train your baby! It contains a built in swaddle & it will automatically rock your little one to sleep AND it also uses white noise to help increase how long they sleep! Woah. Here are the features of this bassinet:

  • swaddle sack: known as the “5-second swaddle” – really easy to swaddle your baby that will last all night long, will also make sure your baby stays on their back
  • gently rocks
  • different motions (slow swing motion for sleep & faster jiggles for when your baby is upset)
  • Mesh walls: for breathability
  • has a gradual weaning feature
  • has an organic fitted sheet
  • Chooses the best white noise
    • when sleeping – soft rain
    • when crying – womb noises

Overall, what makes this bassinet so special is that it actually responds to your baby. So, it soothes, monitors and responds to your baby’s needs. It also has an app to go with it! It’s also nice that they have a free 30 days trial, so it’s a no risk commitment!


Other Bassinet Options

Now, if you don’t feel like spending that much on a bassinet (totally understand, momma!) there are so many other options at your price point. So, let’s look at those.

Halo Bassinet:

The Halo bassinet is another GREAT option. This one is much more reasonably priced but still offers more than just a regular bassinet does. They offer a couple different types of bassinets but I’ll focus on the most popular one; the Swivel Sleeper. This bassinet does exactly that, it swivels 360 degrees! This bassinet is a great option if you want your baby close to your bed (especially for nursing!). This is also a great option for those recovering mommas, since the bassinet is so movable…you won’t have to move as much. And we all know, right after childbirth the last thing we want to do is get up and move!

Some features of this bassinet are:

  • Flexible sidewalls: the sidewalls lower when you reach in, and return automatically upright (or you can lock them into the upright position)…this will make nursing the baby from bed super easy!!
  • Includes a nightlight
  • Can play 3 lullabies
  • Can play 3 nature sounds
  • Can play 3 womb sounds
  • 2 levels of vibration
  • Has an adjustable base: so it will fit to most bed sizes!
  • bottom part tucks under your bed so it can scoot really close to you

Mika Micky Bassinet:

This is similar to the Halo bassinet, just a little different design. This one is also similarly priced to the Halo. What is different about this one, and a really nice aspect, is that is can be a regular bassinet or it can also be used as a beside sleeper. What I mean by this is that one of the walls will unzip which you can then press right up against your bed. So, you just unzip and lay down the side bar on the bassinet & then attach it to your bed. This will make nursing during the night really easy too since your baby is at arms reach & you won’t have to reach down into a bassinet.

Here are some other features of this bassinet:

  • has 4 wheels so it is easily movable
  • quick set up (so a good option for traveling)
  • adjustable height – so it will fit any bed
  • mesh siding on two sides, so it’s breathable (the Halo bassinet has more mesh siding though)

MiClassic Bassinet:

I used this bassinet for awhile with my little one. This one is cheaper than the other ones mentioned above, but in my opinion still a really good option! What I liked about this one is that it can rock or be stationary. This one is much more of a classic bassinet, doesn’t have as many features as the others but still gets the job done!

Here are some other features of this bassinet:

  • easy to transport: very easily folds up and has a bag so you can travel with it (also really easy to put together again
  • surrounded by mesh

Safe Co-Sleeping Options

If you are looking to have your baby sleep in bed with you, I would recommend looking at getting a DockATot. What’s nice about these are they serve more than just one purpose. So, yes you can use them while your baby sleeps with you but you can also use them throughout the day when you baby is awake. If you want to leave your baby laying somewhere, this is a safe option! You can walk away from them knowing they aren’t going to roll off!

What is also nice about the DockATot is they offer a variety of things. In general though, for their products, these are some benefits:

  • machine washable
  • Oeko-tex certified (certified safe & gentle on children’s skin)
  • non-heat harboring
  • no harmful substances
  • 100% cotton covers
  • child-safe zippers
  • travel friendly

So, with the DoctATot, they offer two different sizes. The Delux+ and the Grand. The Delux+ is for 0-8 months while the Grand is for 9-36 months.


In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. It more depends on your price point & what you are looking to get out of your bassinet. Of course, these aren’t the only ones out there.

If you have found a bassinet that you love, comment below! As always, reach out with any questions you have!

All the best,


6 Replies to “Best of Baby Bassinet – Getting your Little One to Sleep”

  1. Hello Abby,

    This article brings back so many memories of when my son was a baby. His 13 now. He suffered awful with colic and we had no sleep for more than 2 weeks. Very tough being a new parent.

    So I did the worst thing you can do when it comes to putting a baby to sleep:- I held him till he dropped off. Problem was, I started a pattern.

    So, when I was not there he would not sleep too many times. I would come home late from work, AM hours, and he be crying.

    Pick him up. Wind him. Rock him to sleep in my arms and he asleep in a few mins. Thank you for this article Abby and the trip down memory lane. Much appreciated. – Philip.

    1. It’s extremely hard when your baby is fussy like that! Especially when you are really tired, you will do almost anything to calm them down & get them to go to sleep. Usually that means holding them, like you said. But you are so right, that is what they get used to then! That is definitely where some of these bassinets can hopefully help!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this great post. I just looking for a bassinet for my newborn niece. I like the Halo bassinet the Swivel Sleeper. It is convenient for the mother to nursing.

    1. Yes! The Halo bassinet is known for being very convenient for those moms who are nursing. I personally haven’t tried it but have friends who have it and they swear by it!

  3. Great review on all the different types of bassinets! The Snoo sounds amazing. Wish I had that for my kids when they were little because they were terrible sleepers.

    1. I’ve heard that a lot! Being sleep deprived is one of the hardest things about being a new parent. Anything to help your little one sleep is worth the investment 🙂

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