It’s that time of the year again! BLACK FRIDAY! If you’re like me, you want to take advantage of all the deals but don’t want to deal with the crazy crowds at the stores. Well, hopefully I can help you! I have some AWESOME Black Friday deals that you can find NOW & you don’t even have to leave your house. And all the mommas said, AMEN 🙂

With Black Friday Sales, you have the potential to save so much money! Hopefully I can point you to some of the best black Friday sales where you can grab some awesome goodies for you or your little one.

Little Spoon Black Friday Sale

If you don’t know what Little Spoon is, it is a company that makes fresh, organic baby food that gets delivered right to your door! They make it so simple, you can take a quiz to better find baby food that fits your needs. They use over 80 organic ingredients that you can pick from!

You can also pick how you would like your food. If you have a really young baby, you can have the food pureed really smooth. For older babies, you can get the food a little more textured. You can also buy the food based on how you want it to benefit your baby; for brain benefits, eye benefits, immunity benefits, etc.

This is so awesome because you get all of this delivered right to your door, so no more making your own baby food or going grocery shopping! These are ingredients you will love & can trust!

Here are a few of their seasonal blends:

The Black Friday Sale:

50% off your first order

15% off your second order

10% off your third order

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY when you checkout!

Shop their blends here

Nicki’s Diapers Black Friday Sales

If you are using cloth diapers, you won’t want to miss this deal. Nicki’s Diapers are the brand that I use most, they are high quality & my little one loves them! This is another Black Friday Sale that you can start shopping for NOW! They have some awesome deals, ranging from 10% to 70% off!

What I also love about ordering from Nicki’s Diapers is that one, you can earn points towards free products. But, they also send you a free product if you spend over a certain amount. For example, if you spend over $50 – they will send you a free product (I got a free diaper cover this way)!

The Black Friday Sale:

10%-70% off!

Shop Here For Nicki’s Diapers!




Happiest Baby Black Friday Sale

Moms won’t want to miss this deal, especially if you have a baby that doesn’t want to sleep or is fussy! This is seriously the best bassinet out there. Even if you aren’t a mom but know a soon-to-be momma, this would be an awesome gift. These don’t go on sale, so you will want to take advantage of this deal. Moms swear by this bassinet!

One mom said that this bassinet had her 8 week old sleeping through the night! Most babies that use this bassinet are sleeping 9 hours or more by the time they are 2-3 months old!

Black Friday Sale:

40% off!

Shop Here!


Home Chef Black Friday Sales

Moms will love this one! If you don’t know what Home Chef is, pay attention because you are going to love it! Home Chef is a meal delivery company. So, you can get your meals delivered right to your door! They only use high quality ingredients, fresh & healthy! I wrote a review of Home Chef here, if you want more details. But at a high level, you can pick from chef-inspired meals & have them delivered right to your door.

They offer different options when it comes to the meals, so depending on which one you pick will determine how much prep time it takes. What’s really nice though, is they have some meals that are oven ready. This means no prep, no mess and no dishes!

The best part of all this is that you don’t have to go grocery shopping! They deliver EVERYTHING you need to make the meal right to your door! Again, I outline all of the options for Home Chef here, if you want more details.

This is a perfect time to try Home Chef! Really, treat yourself to not having to prep & cook dinner!

Black Friday Sale:

Get $90 off!

Use Code AFFCYBER90 for $90 Off! Valid through 12/3

Shop Here!

Ritual Black Cyber Monday Deal

Ritual is a vitamin company that has THE BEST vitamins. They are vegan certified, gluten & allergen free, non gmo and free of colorants & synthetic fillers. They use the highest quality ingredients in their vitamins. They have multivitamins but also prenatals as well.

What I love about this company though is not only the ingredients they use but also the design of their vitamins. They are designed in a way that is best for your body. It is a dual capsule. So the outer capsule has the liquid vitamins & minerals to be absorbed quickly by your body. While the inner capsule contains the other vitamins & minerals that will be released later in the digestive tract – where they will be best absorbed!

They list all of their quality ingredients on their website along with where they come from & their manufacturers. So you can be confident you are getting the best!

This company is also awesome to work with. If you have ANY issues, just contact them…they are more than willing to make things right! They also have free shipping & you can cancel at anytime!


Black Friday Sale:

First time customers get 50% off your first month! (On December 2nd)

Shop Here!


The Natural Baby Company Black Friday Sales

If you haven’t heard of The Natural Baby Company, they pretty much have everything you need. They have everything from diapers, clothing, footwear, baby carriers, supplements, toys, bottles, breastfeeding things, towels and so much more!

They carry over 100 different brands, so chances are they will have what you are looking for!


Black Friday Deal:

15% Storewide! (November 29 – December 2)

Shop Here!


Target Black Friday Sales

What mom doesn’t love Target?! Target has some awesome black Friday deals that you mommas will love! Deals including instant pots, DVDs (for only $9!), Disney books (for only $4!!), games & puzzles (50% off), Lego sets (for $20), all things Frozen 2 and SO MUCH MORE!

This is probably one time you don’t want to actually to go Target in person. So take advantage of these Black Friday Sales online….from your own couch 🙂

Shop Here!

Walmart Black Friday Sales

Walmart is going to have similar deals to Target, but if you find Target has run out of something…check Walmart! or vice versa! Toys, books, DVDs, and so much more! They have some movies for less than $2, Blu-ray movies for less than $6! And so much for you momma, you can stock your kitchen with so many goodies. Instant Pot for under $50, Keruig for $40, Pioneer Woman Sets for $20 and so much more 🙂

Shop Here!


Amazon Black Friday Sales

Amazon has some “Deal of the Day” where different products are on sale, the percentage off will vary. Some 30% off some 40%+ off. If you can’t find what you are looking for on Amazon, chances are it doesn’t exist 🙂

Shop Here


Happy Shopping Mommas! 🙂

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