Getting started with cloth baby diapers doesn’t have to be hard! I know, there are so many brands & so many styles. But don’t get lost in all of that. I started small when I just started out using cloth baby diapers and expanded with those that I liked & those that worked for me.

What to Buy

I lay out all of the different options of cloth diapers in other posts, so if you need more explanation on each type, you can find a more detailed breakdown on my other posts 🙂 In my experience, prefolds were what worked best. I liked how easy they are to use and they are the most affordable option out of the cloth diapers. That seems like the most efficient option. You just need to buy the outer cover too.

Prefolds, Flats, Fitted Cloth Diapers – What to Buy

If you are thinking about using prefolds, flats or fitted cloth diapers, you will need to buy a waterproof outer cover for each of these options. The prefolds usually come in 3 different sizes (small, medium & large) although some brands do carry xsmall! So for me, starting out I bought both small and medium. I got 12 small and 6 medium (although as my baby grew I bought more medium). Starting out with cloth diapers though, this was perfect. In a nutshell, here is what I would recommend buying if you are looking at prefolds, flats or fitted cloth diapers:

  • 18-24 prefolds/flats/fitted diapers
  • about 8 waterproof diaper covers
  • Snappi
  • a wet/dry bag

Buying this will last, on average, about two days. Then, you can wash your cloth diapers every other day and be good to go! If you are just starting out with cloth though and you aren’t sure if you are going to like it, you can get away with 12 prefolds and a handful of waterproof covers (maybe 4-5 covers) to try out and see if it will work for you.

All in One (AIO), All in Two(AI2), Pocket Cloth Diapers- What to Buy

All in One, All in Two and Pocket Cloth diapers are an option of cloth diapers that you will need to buy more of if you are looking to use these exclu

sively. If you are wanting to use these exclusively, how many you buy will kind of depend on your baby & how many times a day you normally change them. My recommendation for these would be:

  • 8-10 All in One or Pocket Cloth Diapers (or 16-20 if you want to wash every other day)
  • 6-10 All in Two
  • Wet/Dry Bag

You won’t need as many All in Two (AI2) cloth diapers since the outer cover doesn’t need to be washed with every use. But, you will need more inserts for this one then.

A Combination – What Worked Best for Me

I used a combination of cloth diapers and that seemed to work the best for me. It was nice having a few different options on hand! Especially for at night and when we are traveling. To start out (newborn to about 4/5 months) here is what I got:

  • 12 small prefold cloth diapers
  • 6 medium prefold cloth diapers
  • 1 package of Snappi
  • 3 One Size All in One (AIO)
  • 2 One Size Diaper Covers
    • I got one snap cover and one hook and loop cover
  • 2 Newborn Diaper Covers (mine actually wore this until he was about 4 months)
    • I got one snap newborn cover and one hook & loop cover
  • Wet/Dry Bag – hanging

I usually use the prefolds during the day and the AIO’s at night. It just makes night changes easier. The Wet/Dry bag is used to store the clean/dirty diapers. There is one pouch for the clean and one waterproof pouch for the dirty. When you go to wash your dirty cloth diapers, the wet/dry bag can just be washed with all of the diapers. They also just have wet bags, which work the same way but there is no pouch for the clean diapers to be stored on that one.

Where to Buy?

Again, there are so many quality places to buy cloth diapers from. In my experience, I loved getting mine through Nicki’s Diapers. You can earn points which will then get you free things from their website. And when buying your cloth diapers, those points add up! I also liked that they ship out of Wisconsin (gotta love the Midwest) 🙂

I bought everything through them (prefolds, covers, wet/dry bag, etc.).

But again, you and your baby might like other brands better. Of course there is always Amazon but I have also heard really good things about The Green Nursery.

Buy in Bulk

If you are serious about going with cloth diapers, it will be worth your while to buy in bulk. Depending on the company you go with, there are many that will offer “packages”. That way, you are getting sets of cloth diapers (and everything else you need) all in one package.

Pocket Diapers: One Size, Bamboo Blend, Unisex, Pocket Cloth Diapers; 15 Piece Set



Cloth Diaper Covers: 

Let me know what has worked best for you if you have tried cloth diapers! Or what you would do differently. If you have any questions leave a comment or email me!

All the best,


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