The most commonly used baby cloth diapers are the two piece ones; an inner absorbent insert and a waterproof cloth diaper cover. Again, the cloth diaper cover is used over the top of either a prefold diaper or insert.

Cloth Diaper Covers – the basics

The cloth diaper covers wrap around your baby, like putting on a normal disposable diaper, and hook with either hook & loop or snaps (depending on what you like). With the waterproof cloth diaper covers, you can use them multiple times before you have to wash them. I like to let mine dry in between uses though, so have multiple covers for each insert/prefold you have. How these work is you use either a prefold diaper or an insert and then put the cloth diaper cover over the top, again just like you would a normal disposable diaper. You would also use the cloth diaper covers over the prefold fitted diapers.

Cloth Diaper Covers usually come in a one size fits all fashion. What is nice about this is you don’t need to buy as many – they will fit your little one longer since you can adjust the size of them! I still recommend having multiple diaper covers for each insert (whether that is a prefold/insert or fitted diaper) since you can reuse the cover after each soiled insert. With that being said, these cloth diaper covers do come in a newborn size to better fit your newest little one! With my first, I ordered a couple newborn sized ones that he fit in for the first couple months (since the newborn ones were also adjustable, so they fit longer than just the “newborn” stage)!

Hook & loop vs. Snap Cloth Diaper Covers

The two main types of waterproof diaper cloth diaper covers are hook & loop or snaps. I use both but think the hook and loop are just easier to use. However, I think in the long run, the snap cloth diaper covers might last longer. Again, I have both and so far, they have both held up. I guess time will tell if one is better than the other. You can use either of these with the inserts available (prefolds,inserts or fitted diapers).

What do you use with Cloth Diaper Covers?

The cloth diaper covers are not used by themselves. There are different options for what can be used with the covers. Again, the purpose of the cloth diaper cover is just to be the waterproof cover that keeps the mess/wetness from getting on your little one’s clothes.

Options for what to use with the cloth diaper covers:

  • Prefolds
  • Inserts
  • Fitted Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper prefolds are a rectangular shaped cloth diaper (that comes in a few different fabrics). They vary in size and thickness, so depending on the age of your baby, you can get a prefold that will best fit them. With these, they need to be folded onto your baby and then covered with a waterproof diaper cover.

Cloth diaper inserts do not require any folding. These will either snap into the waterproof cloth diaper cover or sometimes there is a pocket that the insert will slide into.

Fitted Cloth Diapers look like a regular diaper but they still need this waterproof cover on them. To use these, you fasten the fitted diaper on your baby and then cover it with the cloth diaper cover. These are similar to the prefolds, except you don’t need to fold them, so they are easier to work with…more convenient.

Caring for Cloth Diaper Covers

Caring for cloth diaper covers & washing them is the same process as with the other components of cloth diapering. Again, with these you do not need to wash after each diaper change. I would let them dry between changes but you can still use them multiple times before washing. If they get a little dirty during one of the first changes, you can simply just wipe them clean (with a baby wipe) and let dry before using again.

To wash, follow the same steps as with the other diapers. You can wash the diaper covers with the rest of the cloth diaper components:

  1. remove solids into toilet (there shouldn’t be any solids on the diaper covers, but you know – babies can have blowouts….)
  2. do a cold rinse first – put all of the diapers & covers in the wash with no detergent & run a cold cycle
  3. longest cycle with hot water & soap – using detergent this time, wash in hot water
  4. another cold rinse (no soap)– this step is optional, but helps to get everything out. I usually just do one cold rinse (before the hot cycle)
  5. dry – either lay out to dry or dry on low in the dryer (I dry on low in dryer)

Where can I buy Cloth Diaper Covers?

Lots of places…especially online! You have so many sites at your fingertips! To get you started, I’ll list a few. Amazon, of course is a great place. I have not personally bought any from Amazon but there are a lot that have good reviews! Go over to my Cloth Diaper Reviews page to find some awesome brands that you can order from!

Amazon: The first one comes in a few different sizes (not a one size fits all), so it might be a better fit for your baby. You will have to purchase more though as your baby grows. The second link is a one size fits all.

This is the fun aspect of cloth diapering! Cloth diaper covers come in SO MANY fun patterns and colors. Boy or girl, there are so many options available! So have fun picking out something that matches your little one’s personality!

Leave a comment if you have any questions or have suggestions/recommendations/advice about using cloth diapers or cloth diaper covers!

All the best!


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