While I would never wish for a pandemic to happen, I have to say, it’s so nice to see families together. It seems like the Coronavirus hit the United States overnight and turned our worlds upside down. One minute we were living in exciting times- a good economy, finally starting to get nice out, high employement rates, etc. Then, the Coronavirus. The next thing we know we aren’t allowed to leave our homes. Is there a positive in all of this though? I honestly think so. 

I think we tend to get so caught up in the activities of life that we forget about the purpose of life. Especially when we have kids, this is so easy to do. Running kids from school to sports to dance to youth groups to you name it! It seems like we are always on the run. But is that really how we are designed? Are we really made to jump from one activity to another? I don’t think so. We weren’t meant to always be on the run. As I take walks around my neighborhood now, I look and see families seated around the table. I see families outside in the yard with the kids. I see lights on in what is normally a dark house. I see drawings on the sidewalk, evidence of kids actually spending time outside.  

Our homes were meant to be the center of our lives. Years ago, this was the heart of every family. This is where the parents worked, the kids went to school, the food was grown and most of the memories were made. Now, we have outsourced everything. We work outside the home. We send our kids to school. We get our groceries at the store. We spend a majority of our evenings at different activities – whether that is sports, dance, swimming lessons, youth group or any other activity we fill our lives with. You can see how much family time was spent together when your home was the source of everything. There is something so sweet and simple about this.

I think there is definitely a time and place for those types of activities. But, I think it has just dramatically changed our lives and somehow shifted the heart of the family somewhere outside of the home. This pandemic has slowed our pace of life to extreme amounts. Forced us to stay home, probably push us to uncomfortable limits. This is something most of us aren’t use to! But look, it has brought families together – brought the heart of families back inside their homes. In all of this craziness, just open your eyes to see the greatness in all of this. I’m sure every one of you have said “if only we had more time” at one point in your life. Well, open your eyes.  

Take a look. Time is something you can NEVER get more of and you have the gift of more time RIGHT NOW. Don’t waste it, mommas. As trying as these times may be- embrace it. Your littles don’t stay little for long. The days may seem long, especially right now, but the years are oh, so short. These are the times that your kids are going to remember. These are the times that your kids are going to talk about with their kids. So take advantage of all those activities being cancelled. Take advantage of this slow pace of life.

Stay home & stay healthy my friends!

All the best, 


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