The nursery is, in my opinion, the most fun to decorate out of any room in the house! Getting decorating nursery ideas is a great place to start, since there are so many routes you can take when decorating your nursery, Gender neutral, gender specific, targeted themes, general baby theme, etc. Let’s look at some decorating nursery ideas, from the different themes you can pick from to the furniture you will want in your nursery.

Nursery Themes – Gender Neutral vs. Baby Boy vs. Baby Girl

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Gender neutral nurseries are become more popular. If you are waiting to find of the gender of your baby, you will want to plan your nursery to be gender neutral. Other parents like to go with gender neutral themes since they will be using the nursery for more than just their one baby. Whatever your reason is, there are endless gender neutral nursery themes you can pick from.

To start, paint colors. Most of the decorations in your nursery will be planned around your paint color. The most common color for a gender neutral nursery is grey, but lets look at some other options:

  • Grey (can be any shade of grey, although lighter grey is usually more popular)
  • Yellow
  • Off-White/Cream
  • Mint/Sage Green (some would consider this more “boyish”, others would say its more “girly”…I think it could be used for either
  • Tan/Brown
  • Navy Blue (if you have a girl, the room can be made more “girly” by adding pink curtains, or pink decorations)
  • Purple/Grey

Once you have a color picked out that you like, you can start picking your decorations. If you have a certain theme in mind, this will help determine your paint color. Grey is a popular option because you can add a wide variety of decorations to it & have it look good. Grey will also be a good fit as your child gets older, you won’t have to repaint as often.

Now, in terms of decorations there are endless possibilities here. You can hang pictures or paintings. You can hang decorations with your little one’s name on it. You can hang get wall decals. You can hang get different types of blocks. A great place to find decorations is Etsy. The nice part about shopping on Etsy is that there are SO many to pick from at all different prices. So, no matter what your price point is, you can find something. You can hang also find something no matter what your nursery theme is.

Speaking of themes, lets talk about some nursery themes. This, like the paint color, will depend on if you want it to be gender neutral or gender specific. Gender neutral nurseries are easily made more “girly” or “boyish” by picking gender specific decorations.

Some gender neutral themes:

  • Zoo/Anamail
  • Safari
  • Adventure

Some baby boy nursery themes:

  • rustic
  • hunting
  • airplanes
  • camping

Some baby girl nursery themes:

  • Dream
  • Princess
  • Flowers


Nursery Decorations

One of the sweetest decorations you can put in your nursery, I think, is a shadow box. Keep your favorites from your newborn and put them in a shadow box. You quickly forget how small they were and a shadow box is such a sweet reminder of not only how small they used to be but also the day you met them. Some items to put in the box:

  • hospital bands
  • pictures
  • outfit (I put the one my son wore home from the hospital in there)
  • flowers (if you got flowers while at the hospital)
  • hat (again, I put the one in there that he wore home from the hospital)
  • pregnancy test (some women keep these)
  • Baby Shower Invitation or Baby Birth Announcement
  • hand prints/footprints

Like I said before, Etsy is a great place to shop for decorations. They have so many different options & what is great about this is you can personalize so many of them. So, if you want your little ones name on something, go to Etsy! You can hang find it there! You can hang personalize just about anything 🙂

Nursery Furniture

Of course you will have furniture in your nursery. The furniture you put in will greatly depend on how big the room is. Typically, here is what you will want in your nursery:

  • crib
  • changing table
  • dresser (especially if you don’t have a closet in the room)
  • rocking chair or glider
  • bookshelf

For more ideas around cribs, changing tables and dressers, see my post on crib sets. As for gliders & rockers, this will be an important and well-used part of your nursery. I actually have two of them in my house, one in my nursery and one in my living room. Gliders tend to be a little more expensive but I think you won’t be upset with the money you spend on it (as long as you get a decent one). You will get your moneys worth out of them. When you are tired & feeding – I promise, you will want a comfortable chair to sit and rock in!

Same goes for rocking chairs. You want to get a comfortable one! These tend to be a little less expensive but will also work great for rocking your little one to sleep. They might not be as comfortable as a glider but I have a rocking chair that is still really comfortable that I love! The nice thing about rocking chairs are they tend to be a little smaller and less bulky, so if you don’t have much room in your nursery or don’t want something as bulky as a glider this is a good option!

What theme did you pick for your nursery? Leave a comment below!

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