Fitted Cloth Diapers are just another option in the cloth diaper world. They look similar to disposable diapers or all in one cloth diapers. These are also another convenient option when it comes to cloth diapering.

What is a Fitted Cloth Diaper?

You can think of a fitted cloth diaper like a disposable diaper that needs to be wrapped in a waterproof cover. There is no folding required with these diapers since the cloth (or inner part of the diaper) is like a diaper itself. You put the fitted cloth diaper on as you would a regular diaper and then put the waterproof cover on top of that. They are contoured to fit your little one and have snaps or Velcro to fasten around your baby.

Pros and Cons of Fitted Cloth Diapers

As with all of the other cloth diaper options available, the fitted cloth diaper has pros and cons as well.

Some pros around the fitted cloth diaper:

  • a convenient option and less expensive than the all in one cloth diaper (works very similarly though)
  • Depends on the fabric, but generally a really good option for absorbency – would make a good option for nighttime
  • it’s a combination of an all in one diaper and prefolds (so a good option if you don’t like using prefolds & don’t want an all in one)
  • available in multiple sizes (I list this as a pro because have different sizing options allows the prefold to fit your baby a little better)

Some cons around the fitted cloth diaper:

  • the fitted cloth diaper requires more than the one piece, you need a waterproof outer cover for it
  • more expensive than prefold diapers
  • available in multiple sizes (I list this as a con because you will need more fitted diapers since it is not a “one size fits all”)

How to use Fitted Cloth Diapers

With a fitted cloth diaper, it works as a disposable diaper would. It has elastic around the legs to keep anything from leaking as well as around the waist. So, to use:

  1. Put on your little one as you would a normal disposable diaper (with some fitted diapers, you may need to use a fastener of your own to hold it on)
  2. Cover the fitted cloth diaper with a waterproof cover
  3. When soiled, changed the fitted cloth diaper. The waterproof cover may be reused if not dirty or simply wiped off to use again

I would recommend have multiple covers to each fitted cloth diaper. For each diaper change, wash the fitted diaper but also use a different cover. Set the one you just took off to the side to dry and use it at the next change.

Caring for fitted cloth diapers – How to Wash

Generally, the care for fitted cloth diapers are the same as the other cloth diapers. If you want to be safe though, check the fabric of the fitted diaper to make sure there are no special washing instructions.

  1. remove solids into toilet (I also recommend using a bamboo liner – I will discuss this in another post – but it makes cleanup easier and protects the cloth diaper a little more)
  2. do a cold rinse first – put all of the diapers in the wash with no detergent & run a cold cycle
  3. longest cycle with hot water & soap – using detergent this time, wash in hot water
  4. another cold rinse (no soap)– this step is optional, but helps to get everything out. I usually just do one cold rinse (before the hot cycle)
  5. dry – either lay out to dry or dry on low in the dryer (I dry on low in dryer)

Are fitted Cloth Diapers right for me?

Again, I know all the different options for cloth diapers can be overwhelming. In my opinion, a fitted cloth diaper is easier to use than the prefolds (those just take a little practice). With both the fitted diaper and prefold, they both need to be washed after each use and need a waterproof cover. Fitted cloth diapers are also a little more expensive than prefolds, so I would say if you are going back and forth between those two it comes down to convenience. If you are willing to pay a little more for an easier to use inner part, go with the fitted cloth diaper.

Comparing the fitted cloth diaper with the all in one or all in two…they are pretty similar. The fitted cloth diaper will be less expensive than the other two. Compared to the all in one, you will have one extra step (putting on the waterproof cover). Compared with the all in two, these both have two components to them but with the fitted cloth diaper you have more than just an insert on the inside.

Still confused and have questions? Ask away! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

Where can I buy fitted cloth diapers?

You can find fitted cloth diapers on many different sites (another reason this can be so overwhelming)! I personally have not used the fitted cloth diaper yet, but with my other cloth diapers, my favorite brand is Nicki’s Diapers. You can always find them on Amazon (there’s a link below for one type on Amazon) but click here for other places where you can buy from!


If you have used fitted cloth diapers before, or have any questions, leave a comment below! I would love to hear what you have to say!

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