I talked about in my other post about some great, unique gifts to give to moms. One of those gifts was a gift of meals. It doesn’t matter whether they are a new mom with a newborn or a seasoned momma, all mommas know how nice it is when we don’t have to worry about what to cook. Especially for moms with newborns though, this is one less thing they have to worry about when they are trying to recover AND take care of a newborn. Plus, giving a gift of meals is a gift that keeps on giving, since you can select different delivery options.

For all those other mommas, this is a great option if you want quick, healthy meals that you don’t have to fuss with. These are also fun to do with kids. They offer different prep options, so if you want a meal with more prep you can pick one and have your kids help you make it! It’s nice that you just don’t have to go to the grocery store to get all of the ingredients!

One meal service that I really like is Home Chef. So, lets dig into what Home Chef is, what they offer & how to use them!

Home Chef

Home Chef Meal Delivery – Who are they?

Home Chef is a meal delivery service. So, you can pick from chef-inspired recipes & have them delivered right to your door. They offer a couple different options for their meals, so depending on which on you pick will determine how much prep time it takes. But, everything you need for the meal is included in the box! No grocery shopping! This is why it is so awesome for moms! Not only do we not have to worry about what to cook for dinner, we don’t have to go to the grocery store!

Home Chef – What do they offer?

Home Chef is awesome because they offer a variety of different meals as well as different options around those meals. The 3 main categories you can pick from are:

  1. Traditional Home Chef Meals
  2. Oven Ready Meals
  3. Fresh & Easy

Let’s look at each one of these and the different options you can pick within each one.

Traditional Home Chef Meals:

Home Chef Meals


These are their traditional meal kits that you can customize. You can pick differently weekly meals and customize it for your skill level, how much prep time you want & your dietary preferences/restrictions. So if you are looking for gluten free, you can find it. As well as dairy free, nut free, soy free….you get the picture.

For the traditional Home Chef meals, you can pick from those that take 5 minutes to prep or 30+ minutes. This is what is so great about these. You can swap, double up or upgrade with these as well. What do those mean? Well,

  • Swap: means you swap the protein of your meals. So, if you want chicken instead of steak you can do that! Or if you want a different cut of steak, you can do that!
  • Double Up: this means that you can double up the protein in your meals, so you can have more steak if you want it! Ahem, a good option if you are feeding a hungry male 🙂
  • Upgrade: this is similar to swap, except you are getting higher quality. For example, you could get scallops instead of shrimp.

You can always edit your preferences too. So if you want to add meals, change the serving amount, take a week off, change you meal preferences, whatever…you can change it! So, if you did happen to give this as a gift, you can always edit what you ordered!

Oven Ready Meals:


Home Chef Oven Ready


The oven ready meal option is just that, meals that are oven ready. There is no prep required, no mess, and NO DISHES 🙂 Everything you need to make this dish is already together in the cooking tray. There aren’t as many options in this space though since they are still building out the “oven ready” category.

Fresh & Easy:

home chef fresh & easy


The other category at Home Chef is the Fresh & Easy. These are meals that are prepped, portioned and ready to cook. This does not include the traditional Home Chef meals but is for oven ready meals, grill ready meals and Entree salads. With this option, the prep time is limited and there is no clean up! We talked about the oven ready meals already. The grill ready meals are where you just combine the ingredients together in a grill safe bag and throw them on the grill. Lastly, the Entree Salads are all ready to go, you just need to combine them. So, depending on which one you get, the veges & meat are already cooked…you just have to put it all together!

Home Chef – How to start?

Ordering from Home Chef is really simple! The link below will bring you right to their website (also with a $30 off your first order 🙂 ). To start, you will probably want to decide if you want the traditional Home Chef meals or the Fresh & Easy option (which don’t require much prep and no clean up – these include the oven ready meals).

To start, just sign up so you can track your orders & customize them. So simply enter your email address. From there, have fun picking your meals! Here are the basics of what you will go through when setting it up (this will help you pick your meals):

  • How many people you want to serve with each meal
  • How many times a week you want a meal
  • Food preferences (meat, seafood, vegetables)
  • Dietary preferences (low calorie, low carb)
  • Foods you want to avoid (dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, pork, etc.)


Why I like Home Chef

I really like Home Chef for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the quality of the food/meals they provide. I LOVE that they deliver FRESH food. Quality ingredients are the most important part in my opinion.

I also love how easy it is. Easy set up, easy to order & super easy to cook! You don’t have to go to the grocery store, you have everything you need to cook an entire meal!

Another part of Home Chef that I love, that makes them stand out against the others in this meal delivery space, is the different options that they offer. You can pick from the classic meals, oven ready, salads, express or even the add-ons. In addition to that, you can customize them, so if you want steak tacos instead of chicken…you can do that!

One last reason why I really like Home Chef is you can customize your preferences. So there may be nights you want to cook dinner, so you can pick meals with fresh ingredients that you prep, cook and put together. The only thing you don’t have to do is go to the grocery store! But then again, for all the mommas out there, there are many nights when you want something easy! No prep, no clean-up. Then you can just get an oven ready meal and don’t have to worry about putting any of it together! Or anything in between. They have meals that take 5 minutes to prep and others that take a half hour. The greatest part though about any of the options, they are FRESH meals, DELIVERED right to you.


Have you tried Home Chef or other meal delivery systems? What did you think? Leave a comment below!

All the best,


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