Welcome to pregnancy, momma! I’m assuming since you are reading this that you are expecting a little one! And if I’m guessing – it’s probably your first….congrats! 🙂 Creating your baby registry can be such a fun part of pregnancy but it can also seem very overwhelming. From all of the different places you can register to all of the different things you need to register for. Let’s break it down though so it’s not so overwhelming. I want to cover how to baby registry – so, we’ll cover the different places you can register and how to go about it.


Before we get into the how to baby registry, I want to make sure you are getting the most out of your registry and experience, especially if this is your first baby! The baby registries that I am going to talk about here, are ones that I have used and had a great experience with. I also picked these because they offer free “gift boxes” when you register with them. For most of them, you need to actually complete your registry in order to get the gift box, but that is easy to do!

What I also like about these baby registry websites is that they offer a discount if you have items remaining on your registry that you still need to purchase.

Let’s get into the “how to” first – how to baby registry.

How To Baby Registry

So, wondering how to go about your baby registry? My advice? Do it online! That is really where this world is headed…or maybe we are already there…

It’s so much easier though, and people LOVE to be able to find your registry online and buy their gift and just have it sent…they never have to leave their couch! I recommend using a universal website. What this means is that you can have ONE website where people can go to find your registry but you can add multiple different baby registries to that one site. What I mean by this is that you can register at Walmart, Target, Amazon, BuyBuy Baby, etc. and have them all linked to one baby registry website. That way, people can go to the one site and find links to all of your registries instead of going to Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc. individually and looking up your registry. It just makes things so much simpler!

My Favorite was to use MyRegistry.com. This is the universal registry I was talking about. So all you have to do is sign up at MyRegistry and it will link all of your other baby registries on that one.

Let’s break this how to baby registry down step by step.

I’m going to use MyRegistry as an example (since this is the most widely used universal baby registry). Click on the picture and it will bring you to the MyRegistry website and then follow the steps I list out below.


  1. Click on the picture above which will bring you to the MyRegistry website (this will bring you to the baby registry)
  2. A box will pop up that says “Create Baby Registry”, fill out your name, email address and create a password
  3. Click “I accept the website’s terms and conditions” and then “Create a Registry”
  4. Fill out the next form (due date, your address, phone number, etc.) & click next
  5. If you have already registered at other sites, select those on the next screen. This will import those registries. Click “Import Store Registries” or “Skip”
  6. Next, you can create a cash fund if you would like. This means people can give you cash instead of buying a gift. Click “Create my Fund” if you would like to set up a cash fund or “Skip for Now” if you don’t want to or you want to create this later.
  7. Last step is to verify your account. Go to the email you entered to activate your account. From there, you can personalize your website with pictures, messages and more!
  8. To get started on adding things to your registry, you should see a screen with a bar that says “Add to MyRegistry”
  9. Drag that “Add to MyRegistry” button to your bookmarks toolbar at the top of your internet window (see picture below)
  10. From there, whatever website you go to, when you find a product you want to add to your registry, just click the “Add to MyRegistry” button on your toolbar and it will be added!


What is nice about this, is that you can add items to your registry from ANYWHERE. So if you want a product from somewhere that doesn’t have a baby registry, you can just click the “Add to MyRegistry” button and it will be added to your baby registry!



Where to Register

There are so many places to register! But really, a lot of those places carry the same baby products. So there is really no need to register at a million different websites when a lot of them are going to carry the same baby products. My advice is to, again, register with MyRegistry and add a few other baby registry websites to that.

I recommend using Amazon since you can find pretty much anything at Amazon and most people are familiar with it. Amazon offers a free gift box for registering with them and a discount for those items you have left on your registry!

I also think it is nice to register at Target or Walmart because then people have the option to go to a physical store if they want to. Since people are shopping for a baby, they do like to do some actual shopping – what’s better than looking at cute baby stuff?! So it’s nice when you do have the option for people to go to some physical stores. And Target and Walmart are well-known stores that are located all over the place!

Other than that, it is really up to you and your preferences! Register wherever you want and have fun with it!

If you don’t want to use MyRegistry for a universal site, you can also use TheBump or Babylist. Both of those work in similar ways to MyRegistry in that you can combine all of your other registries on that one.

If you are looking for some guidance on what to register for, see my post here. I list out all of the bases you will want to make sure you cover on your registry and some of the products that I couldn’t have lived without with my little one. I also offer up some advice 🙂

Any questions? Leave a comment below!

Already registered? Tell me where you registered and what you liked or didn’t like about it!

All the best,



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