Pregnancy is such an exciting time! You have the next 9 months to grow & prepare for a little one! For some, these next 9 months can seem like they take forever while others the time flies by! Before you get too far into your pregnancy though, you want to make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin. Even if you aren’t pregnant and want to be, or are trying, you should be taking a prenatal! I want to help you moms mind the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy. In my opinion, you want the best since what you take directly affects your developing baby….so I will focus on natural & organic prenatal vitamins.

I want to start off though by explaining why it is important to be taking a prenatal vitamin and what you should be looking for in a prenatal. You may not find a prenatal in the list of mine that you like, so I want you to be able to know what to look for when you go searching on your own. So, lets start with why you should take a prenatal vitamin. Then dig into what you should be looking for in a prenatal & why that’s important. Finally, I’ll list out the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy that I have found. Again, if you aren’t pregnant (and are trying) taking a prenatal is a good idea! Even postpartum women can keep taking them, which I’ll explain later.

Why Should I take a Prenatal Vitamin?

Prenatal vitamins are important not only for you, momma, as your body works to grow this life but also so important for the developing baby inside. Prenatal vitamins are kind of the “cherry on top”. What I mean by this is that your diet & exercise should be at the top of your priority list. You don’t want to just take a prenatal and slack on your diet and exercise. The prenatal vitamin will serve as an extra boost to get your baby what it needs for healthy growth and development.

Also note though, that even with a super healthy diet…you will still want to take a prenatal. I say this because it takes a lot of vitamins & minerals to grow a human being! The food you eat will be very important in this but the vitamins and minerals you get strictly from your food won’t be enough. That is why you should be taking a vitamin. I mean, your body is now working to support two lives.

What Should I look for in my Prenatal Vitamin?

There are 3 main vitamins and minerals you want to make sure your prenatal has. But, I also want to cover some other aspects of a prenatal that you might want to look into. The three main vitamins & minerals you want are folate, calcium and iron. These three are vital to your growing baby!


Folate is a B vitamin and is important in the growth & development of your baby. Birth defects can develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy, usually before you even know you are pregnant, so if you are trying to get pregnant, I would recommend taking a prenatal with folate in it! Folate is important at preventing birth defects, mainly with the spine, spinal cord and brain (such as Spina Bifida). This is one aspect of a prenatal that I want you to pay attention to though, you want folate in your prenatal vitamin, not folic acid. The high level difference here is food based vs. synthetic – folic acid is the “man made” version of folate. I want to dig into this a little deeper though because I believe this is so important in pregnancy.

Folate is the natural form of vitamin B9. Folic acid is the man made version of this. It is cheaper & added to vitamins and other foods. You will probably notice that if you look on the nutrition label of your cereal box, folic acid is probably listed. The problem here though, is that about 40% of women cannot absorb this synthetic form. Which creates a risk for your baby not getting the vital vitamins he or she needs. So, when looking for a prenatal vitamin…make sure it contains folate and not folic acid!

Calcium or Vitamin D

Calcium is another important mineral you should be paying attention to in your prenatal vitamin. Calcium is important for the development of, of course, bones and teeth but also heart, nerves and muscles. Calcium is a mineral that your body can’t make, so it needs to get it from other sources. The main source should be from your food but again, since your body is essentially in “overdrive” growing another human you will need more calcium than what you intake from food.

Vitamin D works together with Calcium, so it helps you absorb Calcium!


Iron is another mineral to make sure your prenatal vitamin has. Iron will benefit your growing and developing baby but in this case, it is very important to you, mom. Iron is what makes extra blood & helps move the oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. This is important because to help support your growing baby, your blood volume increase by 50% when you are pregnant. So, you want to make sure your body is getting enough iron to help in this process. Blood flow to your baby is very important!

There are other vitamins and minerals that are important in your prenatal vitamin, but I would say those three (folate, calcium and iron) are the top three to look for.

I will point out the benefits of other vitamins and minerals when going through the best prenatal vitamins I have found. Each one has awesome benefits, but each one is also different. So, let’s walk through them individually and hopefully you can find one that will work with your pregnancy!

The Best Prenatal Vitamins

Okay, lets move into the good stuff. Let’s actually take a look at the best prenatal vitamins that I have found. I will say this again, I think it is really important to find high quality prenatal vitamins, so I focus on what goes into the vitamins. Natural & organic is important to me, so when researching prenatal (and finding one to take myself) those are aspects of the vitamin that I took very seriously!

Now, let’s get into it 🙂 Click on any of the pictures to find out more about each prenatal or to buy them!

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin

New Chapter has a whole line of vitamins including multivitamins (gender & age specific), prenatal vitamins & postnatal vitamins. What I love about these vitamins are they use ingredients you can trust – REAL, WHOLE foods! So whole fruits, vegetables & herbs. They are also Non-GMO Project Verified. They are inspired by ancient herbal traditions from around the world – so they focus on using pure ingredients. With these vitamins, it is recommended you take three a day. Which for some women seems like a lot (& if you struggle to take pills/vitamins, these probably aren’t for you) but I took these when I was pregnant and I liked the frequency of taking them. I felt like they kept me going all day (since I took one at breakfast, one with lunch and one at dinner).

I also like that these prenatal vitamins come in different sizes; 96 count, 192 count or 270 count.

Here are some other aspects of this prenatal vitamin that you will love:

  • no added sugar
  • 100% digestible – gentle on an empty stomach (this is awesome for those with morning sickness)
  • no nausea from taking this whole food fermented vitamin
  • 100% daily value of iron
  • B-Vitamins for natural energy support
  • D3 Vitamin for heart support
  • Vitamins C, A & Zinc for immune support
  • contains superfoods – kale, broccoli & califlower
  • vegetarian
  • kosher
  • gluten free
  • no synthetic fillers
  • no animal gelatin (which is added to some vitamins that are gummies)
  • 100% of your daily folate

GLOW Prenatal Vitamins

GLOW Prenatal Vitamins are from a company called Eu Natural. They too have a whole line of other vitamins including fertility vitamins (for both men & women), probiotics (gut & digestive health), Biotin (hair, skin, nails) & prenatal. What I really like about buying these prenatal vitamins is that when you buy them, you are providing one year of life saving vitamins to children (under 5), new mothers & pregnant women who are at risk for malnutrition – so you are also helping a child in need!

With these prenatal, you are directed to take them twice a day…with food! So if you are looking for ones you can take on an empty stomach, these probably won’t be for you. I took my prenatal with my meals anyway, it was just a convinent time to take them!

  • 90 day money back guarentee
  • contains AquaCelle Algal DHA (a form of Omega 3 that is up to 6x more bioavailable than fish oil)
  • contains vitamins & minerals in their most natural form (allows your body to absorb it quickly & easily!)
  • contains super-ingredients
  • made in the USA!
  • 100% vegetarian
  • easy to swallow capsules
  • free of fillers, binders & artificial ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • powerful blend of herbs, vitamins & minerals
  • 100% of your iron daily
  • 200% folate daily

Premama Prenatal Vitamin

I love so much about this prenatal vitamin. First, they only use premium, high quality ingredients which means they are not only good for your body but they are easy for your body to absorb…which will greatly benefit your baby! Second, these are unlike any other prenatal I have found, with their design & benefits. There are two “layers” to this prenatal – the main capsule & a smaller capsule inside it. There is a reason behind this.

In the outer capsule, are the liquid ingredients (omega-3’s, DHA, etc.). These are in the outer capsule because they are easily absorbed. In the inner capsule, are the other minerals (Iron, Folate, etc.) because these are released later in the digestive tract – where they are best absorbed.

This is an awesome option for those of you who struggle to take pills, or just don’t like taking them. You only have to take this once a day.

Third, I love this prenatal for the following:

  • contains vegan algal oil (form of DHA) – I’ll talk about why I love this below
  • minty fresh – not only does this make taking these easier but also will help with nausea & headaches
  • over 100% of your daily folate
  • vegetarian
  • gluten-free
  • non gmo
  • smells & tastes good (this is really important if you have morning sickness or are sensitive to smells/tastes)
  • easy to take & digest

The vegan algal oil is awesome because of the properties it has & the effects. So, fish are known to be a great source of DHA (type of omega-3 fat) which helps support the development of the brain, eyes & nervous system. What this prenatal does though, is go straight to the source. Since fish get DHA from the algae they eat, this prenatal does the same. This is the only non-fish source of omega-3’s that has twice the natural potency of fish with the highest omega-3’s. For those of you that have taken fish oil before, this means no fishy burps!!!

This is an awesome company in general. Even if you don’t prefer these prenatal vitamins, they have some other awesome products that I will cover in another post!

Ritual Essential Prenatal

These prenatal vitamins are very similar to the last ones (Premama Prenatals) however they are a few different quirks to them. Again, with this company I love how clean these ingredients are. This is also a great company to work with, if you have any issues with your prenatal (or the service) just contact them…they are very responsive & helpful!

I also love that this company takes pride in their ingredients. These prenatal contain awesome, high quality ingredients but they also tell you exactly where they are getting their ingredients from! For example, the folate comes from Italy, Iron from Utah & Vitamin E from Argentina. They also tell you their manufacturer (& you can read about them). So these are prenatal that you can really feel good about taking!

The design of these prenatal is the same as the Premama ones, with the dual capsule. However, with these you take them twice a day. For some of you mommas, you may prefer this. Like I said before, I liked taking mine throughout the day… I felt like it gave me a boost throughout the day. These contain everything you will need for a healthy pregnancy.

These are also an awesome option if you are trying to get pregnant. They provide your body with the nutrients you will need to help your body get ready for pregnancy! They will help support your energy production & mood.

Here are some other aspects of this prenatal that you’ll love:

  • capsule design is designed for no nausea
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • allergen free
  • non gmo
  • no colorants/synthetic fillers
  • gentle on an empty stomach
  • delayed release formulation (which means this will dissolve later in your gut – in the less sensitive, more absorptive area)
  • no shellac
  • easy to take (small)
  • essenced with lemon (makes them pleasant to take!)
  • simple ingredients

I want to touch a little on that last bullet point. There are a lot of prenatal available that contain SO MANY ingredients. More is not always better. These prenatal contain 12 nutrients, simple. Everything you need for a healthy pregnancy. Folate, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Choline, Iodine, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Iron, Boron, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2 & Magnesium. Again, you can see where each one of these comes from AND the manufacturer!

Pure Synergy Prenatal Vitamins

These are another awesome option for prenatal vitamins. One aspect I really like about these is they can be taken with or without food – which again, is awesome for those mommas who have morning sickness or are very sensitive. The downside to these, is that you take 4 of them daily (2 of them, twice daily). Like I mentioned before, some of you might like taking your vitamins throughout the day (it does give a nice boost when you spread them out throughout the day) but keep that in mind when considering which one to buy.

Some other reasons you’ll love these prenatal:

  • they serve multipurposes – pre-conception, pregnancy & breastfeeding
  • made with organic vegetables & fruits (REAL FOOD! 🙂 )
  • activated with enzymes & probiotics (helps you digest them better/easier)
  • gentle on sensitive stomachs
  • non gmo
  • dairy free
  • gluten free
  • vegetarian
  • 200% daily folate!
  • Awesome ingredients!
    • folate
    • choline
    • iron
    • vitamin D3, K2, A & E
    • organic berries
    • organic sprouts
    • ginger extract
    • red raspberry leaf extract

Actif Organic Prenatal Vitamin

This is an awesome prenatal option if you only want to take one vitamin a day. These little prenatal are packed full of goodies for you and your little one. For just taking one of these a day, you are getting 25+ vitamins and minerals, 10+ probiotics and digestive support and an organic herbal blend. What I love about these prenatal are you don’t have to worry about what you are taking. They are 100% organic sourced, non-synthetic, certified non-GMO.

  • Made in the USA 🙂
  • contains DHA, EPA & Choline (important for healthy brain development)
  • allergen free
  • 100% of your daily folate (from organic lemon)
  • 100%+ of your daily iron
  • they are soft gels (these are easier to take for some women)
  • gentle to take – can be taken on an empty stomach
  • packed full of vitamins; A, C, D, E, B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6 & B-12
  • 100% biotin (awesome for your hair & nails)
  • organic prenatal blend of spriulina, chlorella, chamomile flower, red raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf & ginger roots

For women that have taken this, they said they have felt awesome. One woman even said the doctors were amazed at the health of her placenta!

Pink Stork Premium Prenatal Vitamin

What I love about these prentals, and this company in general, is the mission and the story behind the company. I think some of the best products come from learning from life experiences. That is exactly how Pink Stork was born. The founder, Amy, had 3 tough pregnancies. She was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum – so she experienced constant nausea, vomiting, weight loss and premature deliveries. After those pregnancies, she approached her fourth one differently, she focused on her gut & took a full body approach using natural and organic products. Because of this, she said her fourth pregnancy was amazing! That’s when she decided to start Pink Stork.

During her fourth pregnancy, she combined vitamins and supplements from around the world, which ended up giving her a “normal” pregnancy. That is what motivated her, she wanted to give other women what she had during that fourth pregnancy.

So, know you are getting an awesome product who helped change a pregnancy for this momma! I also love that this company offers a wide variety of products for you! Prenatals is just one of them. So, if you are experiencing a tough pregnancy, prenatals is the best place to start. But, know there are other products out there to help as well! And Pink Stork has some awesome options such as morning sickness relief & immune boosters, constipation relief, organic liquid folate, morning sickness support (spray, tea, etc.) & probiotics.

But, for this, I want to focus on the prenatal vitamin. Like I said before, this prenatal uses REAL, ORGANIC, whole food sources! Honestly, this is the most important part of a prenatal. You don’t want to be taking something that was made in a lab, using ingredients made there too! This prenatal is awesome though because it is full of goodies for your baby’s development, your gut health and morning sickness. Some other aspects you will love about this vitamin:

  • 100% of your daily folate
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • no preservatives
  • no colors
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No sugar/sweetners
  • 100% of your daily iron
  • Organic morning sickness blend; turmeric root, fennel seed & ginger root
  • Complete support for momma & baby
  • supports healthy nervous & immune systems
  • maintains energy levels
  • enhances bone health

This is a prenatal that you will take twice daily. One more aspect I love about this prenatal is that it is designed to benefit you, momma, no matter what stage you are in; trying to get pregnant, pregnant or postpartum. You can take this prenatal before to support your fertility and balance & regulate your hormones. During pregnancy, it helps for every reason I listed above (nausea relief, hydration, gut health, overall healthy pregnancy for momma & baby). Then, you can continue taking this postpartum to promote milk production, support your hormones & continue to support your baby’s development.

Mama Bird Prenatal Multivitamin

Mama Bird is another brand that I love. They have awesome products that go beyond prenatal vitamins. They, of course, have your prenatal but also products for adults and kids. As far as their prenatal products go though, they offer those to support your fertility, prenatal specifically for AM/PM, prenatal DHA and more. For this post, I want to focus on their most popular one, the overall prenatal multivitamin. This is another prenatal that you only have to take once daily!

Some other aspects of this prenatal that you will love:

  • easy to swallow
  • gentle on empty stomach
  • once a day
  • vegan probiotics
  • organic herbal blend to ease morning sickness
  • soy free
  • yeast free
  • fish/shellfish free
  • sugar free
  • preservatives free
  • artificial colors free
  • Non_GMO
  • dairy/lactose free
  • made in the USA
  • vegan
  • contains methylfolate (the natural, more absorbable form of folic acid)
  • contains methylcobalamin (most potent form of B-12 found in nature)
  • probiotics & enzymes to enhance digestion and absorption
  • organic chamomile, red raspberry leaf & ginger to help digestion & reduce nausea

If you have taken any prenatal vitamins that I didn’t cover here, leave a comment below. I would love to hear about them! Ask any questions you have 🙂

All the best,


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