A baby boy?! Congrats, momma! Baby boys are such a sweet blessing! These sweet little blessings will very quickly grow into energetic, rambunctious, loud little boys! Your heart will be so full and your house a little bit louder 🙂 Since you know it’s a little boy, I’m sure you are trying to come up with some unique baby boy names. Who wants to name their kiddo the same as everyone else, right?

It’s fun to try and come up with names for your little one…but it’s also a very big decision. This is something your child will have for the rest of their lives. So, you want to make sure you love the name but also love the meaning behind it. I would suggest looking at your family tree for some ideas. That way the name you pick can have a little extra meaning. But, if you still haven’t found anything you like, hopefully this list will be able to help.

Let’s walk through some unique baby boy names and the meaning of each one.

Watson ~ son of Walter

Liam ~ resolute protection

Noah ~ rest, repose

Oliver ~ the olive tree

Elijiah ~ Jahovah is God

Jackson ~ son of Jack

Levi ~ joined, attached

Aiden ~ little fire

Asher ~ happy, fortunate, blessed


Samuel ~ asked of God, heard by God

Carter ~ transporter of goods by cart

Owen ~ young warrior, well born, noble

Jack ~ God is gracious

Jayden ~ thankful

Grayson ~ son of the grey-haired one

Mateo ~ Gift of God

Lincoln ~ roman colony at the pool

Theodore ~ God-given

Caleb ~ a dog, faithful


Nathan ~ he gave

Leo ~ lion

Charles ~ free man

Hudson ~ hug – heart, mind, spirit

Hunter ~ one who hunts

Eli ~ high, ascended, my God

Ezra ~ help, helper

Landon ~ long hill

Adrian ~ sea, water

Nolan ~ chariot fighter, champion


Easton ~ east facing place

Colton ~ town, settlement

Cameron ~ crooked nose

Maverick ~ independent, nonconformist

Brayden ~ broad valley

Jace ~ Lord is salvation

Jameson ~ son of James

Axel ~ father of peace

Everett ~ Everett’s son

Sawyer ~ wood cutter

Ledger ~ people, spear

Colson ~ people of victory

Genesis ~ the beginning

Silas ~ of the forest

Kai ~ sea

Brantley ~ sword, fiery torch

Lathan ~ he gave

Lyle ~ the island

Avi ~ my God, Father

Emmet ~ universal, truth


Tristian ~ outcry

Judson ~ descender, flow down

Foster ~ one who keeps the forest

Benton ~ settlement in a grassy place

Miller ~ grinder of grain

Thatcher ~ roof thatcher

Darwin ~ dear friend

Brodie ~ little ridge

Anders ~ strong, manly

Crew ~ chariot


Harlan ~ rocky land

Abbott ~ father

Otto ~ wealthy

Alden ~ old, wise friend

Crosby ~ village with crosses

Axton ~ sword stone

Niko ~ victory of the people

Lawson ~ son of Lawarence

Finnegan ~ fair

Reed ~ red-haired


Rory ~ red king

Kane ~ warrior

Jenson ~ God is gracious

Gage ~ oath, pledge

Lane ~ a small roadway, path

Jett ~ black mineral

Anderson ~ the son of Anders

Tanner ~ leather worker

Keegan ~ small

Clayton ~ place with good clay


Holdon ~ kindly, gracious

Zander ~ protector of men

Knox ~ round hill

August ~ great, magnificent

Rhett ~ advice

Waylon ~ land beside the road

Ryker ~ rich

Houston ~ settlement on the hill

Wilder ~ wild

Boone ~ good, blessing


Titus ~ title of honor

Benedict ~ blessing

Josiah ~ God supports, heals

Kendric ~ royal ruler, champion

Reggie ~ council power

Maynard ~ brave, hardy, strong

Treyton ~ trees

Abel ~ breath, breathing spirit

Amos ~ to carry

Lucas ~ bright, shining

Parker ~ park keeper


Already have a baby boy? What did you name him? Let us know in the comments below!

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