Congrats on having a girl, momma! I’m guessing you are starting to try and come up with some name possibilities & more specifically some unique baby girl names. Naming your little one is such an important decision! There are two popular routes when it comes to naming your baby. The traditional route and the modern route. The traditional route is when you take a look at your family tree & pick a name from your family. The modern route is picking a name that is more modern, one that is not necessarily in your family but still has meaning behind it.

So, lets get into it. I recommend looking at both routes. Take a look at your family tree & see what names you can come up with. But, also take a look at see what other names you can come up with as well. You could even use a combination!

Here, lets look at some unique baby girl names and the meaning behind them.

Willow ~ slender, graceful

Annabelle ~ grace, beauty

Eliza ~ my God is bountiful

Anna ~ favor, grace, beautiful

Addison ~ Adam’s child

Adele ~ graceful, noble

Apphia ~ productive, fruitful

Mia ~ mine

Ava ~ bird


Eva ~ life, living one

Harper ~ harp player

Evelyn ~ wished for child

Ella ~ light

Avery ~ ruler of the elves

Mila ~ gracious, dear

Stella ~ star

Zoe ~ life

Aurora ~ dawn

Bella ~ beautiful


Paisley ~ church

Everly ~ grazing meadow

Nova ~ new

Emilia ~ excel, emulate

Maya ~ water

Kinsley ~ king’s meadow

Kingsley ~ king’s meadow

Naomi ~ pleasantness

Ariana ~ very holy

Serenity ~ peaceful

Adeline ~ noble, nobility


Valentina ~ strong, healthy

Ila ~ from the island

Ivy ~faithfulness

Quinn ~ counsel

Emery ~ brave, powerful

Vivian ~ life

Brielle ~ God is my strength

Clara ~ bright, clear

Reagan ~ little ruler

Liliana ~ lily

Jade ~ stone of the colic


Raelynn ~ beam of light

Athena ~ Goddess of wisdom & war

Arya ~ noble, air/song

Faith ~ trust in God

Lyla ~ night

Esther ~ from the Jewish queen Esther

Reese ~ firey, ardent

Parker ~ park keeper

Finley ~ fair-haired hero

Eloise ~ healthy, wide

Trinity ~ triad


Genevive ~ woman of the race

Harmony ~ harmonia

Elise ~ oath of God, God is satisfaction

Remi ~ oarsman

Teagan ~ attractive, beautiful, perfect

Sloane ~ raider

Alana ~ precious, child

Brooke ~ small stream

Catherine ~ pure, clear

Presley ~ priest’s meadow

Ember ~ spark, burning low


Joanna ~ God is gracious

Ada ~ nobility

Gabriella ~ Woman of God

Ruth ~ companion, friend, vision of beauty

Thea ~ goddess, godly

Juniper ~ youth producing

Kate ~ pure, clear

Haven ~ place of safety

Airelle ~ lion of God

Evie ~ life, living, lively

Joy ~ delight, great happiness


Noelle ~ Christmas

Ophelia ~ help

Gia ~ God’s gracious gift

Regina ~ queen

Addilyn ~ noble

Willa ~ will, help

Nylah ~ cloud, champion

Helena ~ bright, shining light

Hallie ~ dweller at the hall meadow

Mira ~ wonder, wonderful

Emory ~ home strength


Emelia ~ industrious, striving

Marlee ~ pleasant seaside meadow

Myra ~ I flow, pour out, weep

Hattie ~ estate ruler

Bristol ~ place at the bridge

Edith ~ riches, blessed

Emberly ~ contagious enthusiasm, lover of nature, free spirit

Colette ~ necklace, victorious

Oaklynn ~ strength, beauty, peace

Maci ~ hill

Mae ~ bitter or pearl

Esme ~ to esteem


Hanna ~ favor, grace

Adley ~ God is just

Harlee ~ rock meadow

Hayley ~ hay field

Irene ~ peace

Noa ~ movement, motion

Saige ~ wise, healthy

Ensley ~ one’s own meadow

Meghan ~ strong, capable

Lea ~ weary, meadow


Mercy ~ compassion

Haisley ~ hazel woods

Emilee ~ industrious, striving

Novalee ~ new field

Martha ~ lady

Calliope ~ beautifully-voiced

Ramona ~ protecting hands

Rosalee ~ rose

Oaklee ~ meadow of oak trees

Belle ~ fair, lovely one


Cara ~ beloved

Emmaline ~ peaceful home

Karlee ~ womanly stregnth

Luella ~ famous elf

Hadleigh ~ heather meadow

Etta ~ keeper of the hearth

Naya ~ new, renewal, fresh

Annalee ~ grace, pasture

Whitley ~ white meadow

Did you already pick a name? Or already have a baby girl? What name did you pick and why? Leave a comment below 🙂

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