You have waited 9 months for this day, delivery day! When that day comes though, hopefully you aren’t scrambling to pack your hospital bag. Doctors recommend packing your bag weeks in advance! I’ll admit, I wasn’t good at this. I think I just didn’t know what to pack – I had no idea what I would need and every time I tried to pack, there was too much!

After going through it, there are a few essential items I found that you should have in your hospital bag. Other items were nice to have & then there were some that I just didn’t even need.

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Delivery – Essential Items

When thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag for delivery, think about those items that you use every day. Those routine items. For me, here is what I packed that I found to be essential:

  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Facewash
  • Deodorant
  • Nursing Bra
  • Comfortable Pants, shirts/tank tops, sweater
  • Larger Size of Cotton Underwear
  • Hairbands
  • Phone Charger
  • Easy to put on shoes (I brought flip-flops)
  • Snacks (the husbands will really appreciate this one 🙂 )
  • Drivers License (ID)
  • Insurance Card

Depending on where you deliver, they will have shampoo. I found it nice to have my own though, made me feel a little more comfortable – made it feel a little more “homey”. Also, when I say comfortable pants, I mean a loose pair of pants. Tight pants/leggings probably won’t be as comfortable. If you are delivering in a hospital or birth center, they will have most of what you truly NEED. A lot of them will have birthing balls, essential oils, heating pads, etc. So I would recommend not packing those (or ask before you pack them).

Hospital Bag – The “Nice to Have” Items

  • Essential Oils
  • Music
  • Fuzzy Socks
  • Nursing Pads for your Bra (I didn’t need these while in the hospital, but depending on the length of your stay you might need them)
  • Birth Plan – If you have one
  • Chapstick

Hospital Bag – The “Not Necessary” Items

When I say these items are not necessary, doesn’t mean don’t pack them. I mean that I didn’t use them so they were just extra items in my bag that took up space. You may find in your experience that you want these items packed! Just something to think about.

  • Nursing Pillow
  • Robe (they provide you will a robe, but some women prefer to have their own….a little more flattering than the one they provide 🙂 )
  • Water Bottle – they will usually provide this for you, but some women like to have their own
  • Make up

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag – For your New Little One

Not only are you packing for yourself, but you also have a new little one to pack for! This is a little easier but you still don’t want to forget anything! I packed for my newborn in a diaper bag & included these items:

  • newborn diapers
  • wipes
  • newborn onesie
  • receiving blanket
  • car seat
  • newborn socks

Most hospitals will send your newborn home with a hat, some sort of clothing, blanket and diapers. So, you don’t necessarily need to pack those items but I felt a little more comfortable knowing that I packed those things. Depending on when you delivery, you may need to pack more. If you deliver in the winter, I would pack a car seat cover & warmer clothes.

What to Expect While in the Hospital – Decisions to Make

While in the hospital, there are some decisions you might need to make. So, it might be nice to think about these ahead of time so you have a little more time to prepare.

  • Breast Pump (if you are getting one from the hospital, check to see if your insurance will cover it)
  • Vaccinations for your newborn
  • Circumcision (if you have a boy – whether you want to do this or not)
  • Breastfeeding

What did you pack in your hospital bag? Is there anything you wish you packed but didn’t? Leave a comment below!

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6 Replies to “What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Delivery – The Essentials”

  1. This is very helpful for me and my wife, since she is expecting soon 🙂
    Thank you so much for the important tips, i’ll be sure to add these items.

  2. That’s such a great post about “What to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Delivery”. Since I’m surrounded by pregnant women a lot, it’s always good to know what to pack and how to prevent missing essential Items. We often forget to pack for the newborn.

    When my aunt gave birth to my cousin she couldn’t breastfeed and the hospital didn’t have milk for the baby either, so my uncle had to hurry home and get the milk.

    Thank you for sharing this post, I will share this post to my pregnant cousin (which was announced yesterday :)) and I’m sure, it will be also very helpful for other pregnant women as well.

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful! 🙂 I should add milk to the list as well! I know there are many women who struggle to breastfeed, or they just aren’t producing enough to start.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. I gave birth in France and it’s a little different. I had to bring the baby’s clothes. No option there! Unless it is an emergency, and you don’t have your bag with you. Also, there is no circumcision done.
    Great practical article for new mums who need to know what to expect and what to bring!!

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